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Young Adults For Sale

DOB: 10/25/2011
Duke is 5 1/2 years old but is a very nice, well behaved male that has consistently been a quality producer. I kept Rose from him and Joy. Duke is very smart, aims to please. Top Shutzhund working lines, great pedigree.

$800/Pet    •    $1,500 w/Breeder Rights (neg)

One litter or a single stud service pays for himself!

DOB: 08/03/2012
Pocket is 4.9 years old. He hails from all Jenecks pure Schutzhund working lines, He is a nephew to our Jenecks Quantum that we lost last year. Strong Drive,very intelligent, great guard dog.

$800/Pet    •    $1,700 w/Breeder Rights (neg)

Elen  x Dingo
DOB: 08/25/2015

MALE: (Pet) $1,000 (no papers)  or 1,400 (w/papers)    •    $2,000 breeder rights

FEMALE: (Pet) $900 (no papers) or $1,300 (w/papers)    •    $1,800 breeder rights

Elen’s sire is the new 2015 World Champion!
These 3 siblings are 1.9 Yrs old. Their sire is Euro CH Dingo Von Dibich who we had bred to Elen Crni Lotos and imported her in already bred. We are in final sages of finally getting Elen’s Foreign Registration completed and will take approx. 12 weeks (perhaps sooner) to finish getting the Elen and CH Dingo litter paperwork completed. They have super nice import pedigrees, the litter is Champion sired , plus Dam Elen Crni Lotos’s sire is CH Rick Von Kalecberg who was 2015 world Champion, cant get more prestigious than that. Excellent dogs for a good breeding program. I will sell them with or without papers however if just wanting a pet.

DOB: 10/23/2015
He is 1.7 yrs old. Mojo is a son of Jenecks Quantum and Sam Houston’s Elida with Hunter as her sire and Jenecks Uno as Hunters Sire. Mojo is just going to start is breeding career this season. His pedigree is phenomenal, contains the best of the very best.

$1,500/Pet    •    $2,000 w/Breeder Rights (neg)

DOB: 03/20/2011
Portia is 6 years old. She is a daughter of Sam Houston’s King Kong, Granddaughter to CH Full Metal Jacket. Her Dam was Blaxwil’s Chateau Margaux with over 50 champions in her pedigree. Portia has not been over bred and would still be good for 1-2 last litters. She gives me big stocky pups, she has tons of milk, excellent devoted mother. She’s about 120lbs. Easy to handle. Very much a family dog mentality.

$400/Pet    •    $1,000 w/Breeder Rights (non-neg)

DOB: 11/20/2013
Hedda is 3.6 Years old, She goes back to my Joy House of Lazic and Sam Houston’s Terminator Beau. She’s only had 2 litters, great mother, easy to handle. Has about 8-10 strong healthy beautiful pups.

$1,000/Pet    •    $1,500 w/Breeder Rights 

DOB: 08/09/2015
Katie is 1.9 years old. Sire: Duke Ward III x Dam: Joy House of Lazic, She is the 2nd Pick female, I am keeping her sister Sam Houston’s Kissed by a “Rose”.

$1,400/Pet    •    $1,800 w/Breeder Rights 

Currently coming into heat

DOB: 07/28/2016
Vanessa will be 10 months at the end of May. Dam: “Elen” Crni Lotos (Her sire CH Rick Von Kalecberg is the 2015 World Champion!!) x Sire: Windcrest’s Who’s My Daddy At Brunhilde “Wabi”. The famous GRC Graf II Alten Festung is Wabi’s Sire.

$1,400/Pet    •    $2,000 w/Breeder Rights 

Nice show prospect!

DOB: 08/12/2016
Wynonna is 9 months old, currently on her 1st heat cycle which will be passed over of course. Her sire is our new Champion import Yash Crni Lotos. We have been extremely pleased with his consistent across the board top quality babies he gives us. Dam:Kira Von Der Brunhilde is a stunning girl, 118lbs , lovely head and structure. This was her 1st litter with 10 pups, 5 of each sex and all of them so gorgeous we almost never made our decision of whom to keep. we couldn’t have been more pleased.

$1,500/Pet    •    $2,000 w/Breeder Rights 

Nice show prospect!

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